A Terrifying Dream With an End.

Days and nights went by but yet we couldn’t tell them apart. We were all chained up, side to side by our wrists and ankles. When one of us died fear trembled through our body’s hoping we weren’t next to be dumped into the ocean because it wasn’t the right way to die. They treated us like livestock. We were never cleaned, fed well, or even vaccinated. We lived in the bottom of the boat where it was all dark and all we felt at the bottom of our feet was urine, sweat, and human feces. At one point, we were tired of the way we were being treated. It was like a never ending terrifying dream that no matter how much you wished for the monsters to go away and for everything to back to normal it would never go away because it was realty.

I wasn’t the only one in my family on that vessel. My mom and sister were on the boat as well but they were on the top of the ship because women and children were allowed to be there. Other slaves and myself made a plan to attack. We all promised to die fighting and give it our best. We felt the boat stop and we knew then that it was our cue. We waited patiently for one of the men to let us. Once we heard the men walking down the steps we helped each other get up and positioned ourselves as planned. Light slowly came inside to where we stood.
 “Look, John they already know the procedure”said Chris with a smirk.
 “Oh Just look at their disgusting faces” replied John as they both broke down in a laugh.

Ricky and Dave, who were slaves swung both at John and Chris knocking them out. We ran as fast as we could out to the top of the boat. Dumbfounded faces stared at us as we inhaled fresh clean air. We all broke through our chains and started attacking. I looked around the ship my blood boiling with anger I couldn’t spot my mom and sister. I turned and saw them in a corner hiding. I ran towards them hugging them tightly. 
 “What are you doing” questioned my mom. 
 “I’m saving you from them” I replied.
My sister trembling with fear. But I couldn’t care for her at the moment. I needed to help save others as well. Guns started firing, people dying trying to grasp for air but they couldn’t. There was 20 of us left and 10 left of them.

“MOM” a young woman screamed in the distance.

I’ve never felt so much hatred towards humans in my life. We managed to kill every last one of them but when I turned my side I saw one thing I would have never imagined to happen. My own mother lying there on the ground dying with blood covering her whole chest. I ran and ran and ran towards her and my sister. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just wanted to close my eyes and wake up in my own bed back home.
 “Mama. Please not now” I screamed.
 “It’s ok my boy. You did it and I’m proud of you” she replied in a soft voice. 
 “I love you and I will miss you mama” I said as a tear fell down my cheek. 
I hugged her tightly in my arms never wanting to let go. 
 “I love you both my child’s” she said as she took her last breath.

After my mom had died it only made sense to turn the boat and sail across the water back to Africa. When we arrived with only a few survivors we decided to memorialize all those who died that day on the vessel. We thought that anyone who had died deserved to Rest In Peace even if they were the monster themselves.