One last time- Exam insomnia

For as long as I can remember, I have been dropped off to a building or a bus that took me to a building that aimed to teach me something new. And after I learnt what I did, I had to prove that it was up to standard.

And that lead to the dreaded Exams!

And with those exams came insomnia. Too scared to close my eyes cause I genuinely thought all I had remembered would leak out, too scared to let my thoughts wander too far from the text book and notes.

15 years I have done this. From what comes after the alphabet W in nursey to listing down guidelines for IPOs in senior year.

Its been a long journey…. I’m in the middle of my last exams and I hit this realisation that post these papers, for the longest time, no one will expect me to remember every word, I will have notes in my PPTs, the net to check up on facts and reports I can refer to at will.

It’ll be strange, to pick up my bag and go to a place where results will be expected daily rather then bi annually. Where I won’t get a hundred class tests to practice on before a final. It’ll basically be finals week, year round!

The best part? I’m looking forward to it the way I’ve never looked forward to finals. Because I will be allowed to apply the Sherlock Holmes attic theory!


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