by Matas Petrikas, CEO & Co-founder of Vai Kai

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In the beginning of November 2015 we were honored to be invited by European Commission to the Safer Internet Forum in Luxembourg, where we, together with other toys companies (such as Lego), have discussed the future of connected toys. The panel was called The right to play: Internet of Toys, led by Gry Hasselbalch.

During the panel we heard different opinions and concerns on how the connected kids room might look like in the future, especially when toys will start talking to each other or even “phone home”, not unlike E.T.

I believe that some of the thoughts and ideas that we have presented there, specially regarding the topics of data and privacy, could be interesting to our future customers and other companies building connected experiences for kids. Also the recent events only confirm that connected play and kids privacy need more attention than ever.

Here are our discussion points from the panel:

Technology should connect

Technology should inspire

Responsibility by design

Play is anywhere

The future is tangible

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Our commitments

  • Do not require any personal data to play
  • Do not store any personal data on our toys
  • Do not ask for any personal data from kids
  • Design our data usage policy in such way that even a 6-year-old can understand it
  • Give our customers full control on how the data flows to and from toys
  • If our customers agree to provide anonymous usage data, it has to produce clear value to them

It won’t be easy, we know that, but we hope that our small startup will achieve these goals with the help from experts and friends, who also care about the security, privacy and kids wellbeing.

Also, if you are one of the lucky families that have already pre-ordered the Avakai twins, we want to hear from you: how do you feel about the data privacy? We want you to be sure that you know you have the power to decide.

p.s. and most importantly, don’t forget to play!

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We are a Berlin-based startup, building intuitive connected toys.

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