Host a personal website in 10 simple steps for Free.

Thus, this is a step-by-step guide to demonstrate how you can host your one-pager website using GitHub Pages with a domain name!

[Disclaimer: This needs basic knowledge of Github and HTML to get started]

  1. Github: An online development platform to keep your code for the website and will help host the same on the internet via Pages.
  2. HTML Template: This is ultimately the code that is rendered on the webpage.
  3. Freenon: It is a domain registry service that will let you register a domain name for free (based on availability).

For ex: (here my username and repo name both are vaibhavmagon)

Step 3: Enable Github Pages in the repository to host the website from Settings. If all’s well you’d see settings like this:

Ex, it’s live at:



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Vaibhav Magon

Vaibhav Magon


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