Importance of Content Writing in the Digital Marketing sector

Vaibhav Mishra
Oct 30, 2018 · 3 min read
Content Writing is not all about writing, Its about analyzing, writing and proof reading.

Content Writing:

Content is a general term which is used to define the texts, graphics, audio, video or any informative element in the website. Until and unless you have valuable and interactive content no visitor is going to engage on the website. Your site must have the valuable, concise and appropriate content to engage the readers on the website. Content Writing is simply creating content for the website, blogs, social networks, e-commerce sites etc. Though every writer has their own voice but for content writer along with their own voice they have to be the voice of the brand for which they are working for.

The main job for content writer is to fill the site with information about business, products, services, industry, employees etc. in order to earn new customers. For lead based industry, the good content writer earns customer by getting website visitor to contact you. And if content writer works in retail, he can earn new customer by making additional sales on your sites.

The above listed both methods helps in growing the business, especially when you know your target audience. So content is most important part for your site to initialize digital marketing. But why it is so important? What is its need?

Importance of Content Writing in digital marketing:

Any person visits your site than they have reason, without reason there may be a visitor but very minute chance of becoming a customer. So a good content gives the visitor a reason to visit your site leads them to engage on your site and become your customer.

· First of all good content describes the visitor about the kind of your business or industry. If content writer has well knowledge about his target audience and he is able to answer the basic questions of visitors and your content has enough capability to convince the visitor about the product or services provided, then there are lots of chances for his conversion from visitor to a customer.

· A good content writing is useful for search engine optimisation that is, making rank of the site higher. Creating content and posting to your website is the best way to reach your potential customers. In the initial phase the content writer has to search the keywords that will help him to reach him his audience. Once they well set keywords they have traffic to their sites, the writer could create content around those content and optimize it for search engines like Google.

· Content Writers could also mention links in their contents for their website and bring traffic to their sites. Links are one of the most essential key factor for SEO ranking. If in any content links to your website is mentioned and user clicks on it he will be redirected to your website and consequently, increasing the traffic to your site.

· A good content is useful for conversion of visitors to a customers. Good content engages the visitor and every time visitor decides to take action and becomes the customer it is called as conversion.

· In order to launching the digital marketing campaign the content will be needed. The well specified content is the one of the most important SEO parameter because it consist of the pages that includes the search results and ranks your site.

· A content is always shareable on social media. Irrespective of the kind of business every business or organisations have the social media accounts. Those social networks are used to promote the business. Whether it is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ etc. All these social networks promotes the content from you site.

If running any business is the mind then creating the content is the heart. If businessmen are the king then content writers are kingmakers. They just don’t write five hundred words instead they understands the importance of the headlines, keywords that are going to increase the search rankings, and knows the best practice and effective usage of SEO.

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