Quick High Protein Vegan meal : Chickpeas and Seitan Sandwich

I love making meals in a jiffy and definitely they should be healthy, tasty and filling. Well this sandwich ticks all the three boxes…. It’s hearty, healthy and tasty.

Though I prefer having it as a sandwich, it also tastes amazing in a wrap, or just as a salad. If on a Gluten free diet you can skip on the Seitan and substitute with tempeh, beans or more chickpeas.

The best part I loved about this sandwich is that it’s ready in exactly ten minutes. It’s perfect for the time you are really tired and just don’t want to spend that extra time in the kitchen….

Well not to forget the healthy aspect of this tasty sandwich…. Seitan, chickpeas and almonds give this sandwich a super boost in the protein content making it a perfect high protein wholesome meal….

Chickpeas and Seitan Sandwich

Prep time 10 mins

Cooking time 10 mins

Yields 4 sandwiches


8 oz package of West soy Seitan

1 cup cooked or canned chickpeas

1/2 cup sliced roasted almonds

2 scallions chopped

1/4 cup vegan mayo or more if you like filling creamier.

Oregano 1 tsp

Red chili flakes 1 tsp

Salt and pepper to taste

8 slices of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread or any other whole wheat bread


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
  • Serve the filling sandwiched between the bread slices.
  • Enjoy!!!!

Nutrient value per sandwich

Calories 402

Carbs 49.8 gms

Proteins 39.6 gms

Fat 9.5 gms

Weight watchers points 11

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