Looking for entry level software developer job

Hi folks,

I am looking for an entry level software developer role in product based startups and have experience in Django, flask, Python, Golang, Javascript and linux systems. Mostly, I have worked on back-end technologies such as flask, django, MySQL and redis with an interest in system Programming.

Technical skills
Languages — C,Python, Golang, JavaScript(es6)
 Database — MySQL, redis
 Operating Systems — Linux, Ubuntu, System Programming
 Web Related — HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, Jquery
 Web Frameworks — Django and Flask(with SqlAlchemy as ORM)
 Theoretical — Operating Systems, DataStructures and algorithms(Have practiced quite a few problems from hackerrank.com and leetcode.com)

Interned at “Hackerearth”
As a technical person and learner It was one of best experience which I ever had. Even as an intern I was given the sole ownership of projects I was working on(Yeah, they give access to production data to interns). There, I worked as a full stack developer, worked on technologies ranging from HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT to python, django,Linux MySQL and redis. Experience and learning which I got from Hackerearth will always help me to become a better software engineer and problem solver.

Personal projects
1. Created a multi process HTTP server from scratch in 
 Python using System Sockets and used that Server to 
 implement a music streaming website.
 Feel free to check my code

2. Operating System project- Implemented custom Unix 
 commands from scratch in C.
 Feel free to check above project

3. Created a Event management calender app in flask and JavaScript.
 Feel free to check above project

4. Created a CRM using the mailgun api where a admin 
 can send mail to any of the entered customer list.
 Feel free to check above project

5. Participated in Hackathon conducted by COMPUTER 
 SOCIETY OF INDIA and built a music streaming website
 using Python’s Django framework.

6. Video Streaming Website- Using Python- Flask, MySql 
 and Javascript. Implemented own multiple application 
 programming interface(API) in Flask which are used 
 when AJAX call is made from the client side. 
 Feel free to check above project

7. Implemented various Data Structures and solved 
 programming challenges.
 You can look at my code

8. Created an online Compiler in Golang. It supports 6 
 language as of now, In this I used websockets to 
 communicate between client and server and used 
 goroutine to create concurrent server, which can handle 
 multiple code compile/run requests simultaneously.

I have always wanted to work with promising startups and grow 
 with them, where my Impact is visible and more than that 
 looking for a mentor who Inspires me, Challenges me to 
 give my best and brings the best out of me.

If you like my profile shoot out a mail to me at vaibhavjha837@gmail.com.