Revealed Baahubali 2 — Mystery! Why to Watch ? & Comparison with Mahabharata

So Finally After wait of 2 years, Here comes answer to one question that everyone was waiting for #WKKB

Baahubali 2, Awesome Movie with Best Drama, Comedy, and most important VFX Effects were great at Beautiful Rajyas’s actions during WAR. You can’t notice when the real camera was ON and where CG was used.

You will meet many inspiring characters like “KUMAR VERMA”. Also will get to hear their Anthem, see How parade takes place?

To the point, the clue was present in Part 1:

Remember this thing and correlate: 
 1. Shivagami Dialogue at starting of Movie before she drowns in the river.
 2. Bhallaladeva dialogues & actions in the middle of movie ti.e plan to kill Amarendra.
3. Kattapa’s Dialogue at last of Movie that he killed.
So Suspense still Remains, How all of 3 planned to kill? & Why?

The only thing I can reveal is AMARENDRA & his brother both were Engineers, Architect as seen in Movie. But BHALLALADEVA was still using his B.E Project for M.E and which was then broken by MAHENDRA BAAHUBALI after 22 years during the war because he forgotten that they had subjects based on pollution and corrosion.

Whereas AMARENDRA was always Motivated innovating new things when problems raised but he was the true lover.
So Visit your nearest theater and Experience this Inspiring Thriller in short Modern Mahabharat with Character/Role Changed that we can’t imagine, This time Shakuni is Father, not Mama and Kattapa is Mama, not Father. Everything Revolves around 1 Pandava and 1 Kaurava. Whereas though Gandhadhari (Shivagami) can see in movie but can’t understand plan of her son.

But Great Unimaginable Actions in Movie like as shown in Part 1 War which was against kalakeya…

You get to see three wars Against 1) Kalkeyaa Remaining Team (Night Time) 2) Pandari, and Final 3) BHALLALADEVA
The movie was Especially Sponsored by AMD which took 2 years to render this great animation.

But Few things remains untold
Who is Pandaria?
How can kalakeya can arrive in short span in PART 2 whereas they took a long time to visit maheshmati when they want to attack baahubali, in first part?

Story can be extended with further parts/book

Baahubali Family (Generation)