Some say India is not for the faint-hearted. Once touted as the abode of nature’s marvelous creations and mysteries, it is now facing a considerable amount of disdain from the same people who said so. The beauty of our nation is that no matter how much one thinks they know about the place, there will always be a little gap of knowledge that catches them off guard, setting the stage for an experience that can never be fully anticipated.

We are a group of filmmakers who believe in the beauty of our nation, who want to show India to the world, through the eyes of the common man.

“A day in India” will be a documentary film, ‘of you, by you and for you’, filmed all over the country on a single day.

So on Saturday 30th of July, grab your camera, film your day, and show us what life in evolving India is all about. Show us how you socialise with friends and connect with family; show us your work life and your aspirations; show us what you love and what you worry about. Tell us why you feel India is incredible.

Help us capture how India is rapidly changing: what can you do today that you couldn’t five years ago? What do you hope for? What would you like to change or achieve? Together we’ll create a truly special film. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, the personal to the profound; we’ll capture a moment of time as seen by thousands of people, all across India.
You don’t have to be a film director to take part. You don’t need to be a master filmmaker. We just want to see the variety, diversity, heart and soul of India.

To take part:

· Film your day on 30th July 2016. There is no limit on video duration. You can speak in any language of your choice.

· Do not edit, add music, filters and so on to your clips. We need your videos as it’s shot.

· Rename your files as: Location_Name

Example: If your name is Sharma, from Mumbai name your files as: Mumbai_Sharma1 Mumbai_sharma2 and so on.

· Send your videos to before 4th August 2016. Write the subject of the email as: A day in India entry.

· You can send your entries via Google Drive, Dropbox or We Transfer.

Recording tips:

· Use the best video recording device which you have access to. However a smartphone camera will be sufficient.

· If you are using a smartphone, use the lens which has higher pixels to record and shoot in landscape mode.

· If you are speaking something important, make sure you are in a quiet place and there is no wind.

· Some earphones come with a built-in microphone. You can connect it to your device for better audio recording.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. (mob: +91 9980737549)