How to clean the streets of Delhi?

After all the garbage politics its time for a reality check!

Lets take a look at the technology used by other municipal corporation in India.

Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation in Gujarat has road sweeper machine given by the chief minister of the state on its 49th birthday. Its operation is automatic and it sweep the road and then the garbage is collected from the sides of the road.

Both images show the equipment used to sweep the road. The machine consists of a round broom, a collector of garbage which pushes it to the sides of the road and water sprinklers.

Above all garbage is collected for each house daily by the municipal corporation van in Gandhinagar.

And to stop people from pissing on road side in Delhi..

Lets take some inspiration from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

  • Public toilet users to be paid One rupee in Ahmedabad.

Money paid to the user is not the key point but the motive behind implementing such scheme. It would encourage the slum people to use public toilets instead of pissing in the open.

For more information on this please refer the article:

Another solution is providing potable toilets to people who piss or litter in the open. A particular time duration may be decided by MCD during which people can use them but its not the permanent solution.

People should be penalized accordingly if they are found pissing on the road side or throwing garbage in the streets.

A closed drainage system will be useful in reducing the garbage in the streets of Delhi. Atleast open sewers should be covered and the waste water should be sent to a water treatment plant where it can be purified for using in irrigation, for daily useage or stored for using it during the hour of need.

A sanitation act may be introduced under Swatch Bharat campaign by government of India. Under this act people living in a particular area will have to pay a finite sum of money to the municipal corporation for keeping the city clean. The money paid under this act will be solely used for buying machines and cleaning equipments.

People of Delhi have to take the initiative of making their city clean or else disease will spread once it starts raining during monsoon.

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