Narendra Modi and Barack Obama, How similar are they?


People around the world have taken a lot of angles to see how similar Narendra Modi and Barack obama, here! Many have covered the way they stand, their foreign policy, reforms, etc., I decided to see it from a different angle by looking at the way they speak!

For this I took both Barack Obama and Narendra Modi’s I-Day speech and did sentiment and word frequency analysis on it, which gave pretty amazing results.

Here, is a word cloud of both their speeches, side-by-side.

As you can see from the above image that a lot of words repeat in both of their speeches which can to an extend mean that they both are talking along the same lines. The larger words are the ones which are used most. One can also sense a resemblance in the background about change, law, right, development.

Let’s take a deeper look into this and see their most used words:

Green words are similar

If you see both of them talk about how to unite their country, how to make lives better for people, letting reforms shape a new country and why it is very essential for us to start working from today at this moment, all of these are reflected by the table above, apart from the local issues they both are talking about the same broad framework upon which the country should function.

But these are just words, so I went a little bit more deeper to see the what overall sentiment does the speech exhibit:

This tells a lot about both of their speech, both the speech practically show the same sentiments.

Which can be attributed to a lot of reasons like:

  1. They both had an under privileged background.
  2. They both have the same idea of hope.
  3. They both know how to pull crowd and how to use social media.
  4. They both have/ had massive redevelopment programs.

In the end it is safe to say that they both are very similar in the way they speak and communicate at least!

Thank You for reading!