6 Tempting Reasons to Install solar rooftop in India

Solar energy is an extremely dependable and long term source of power available in abundance. Use of solar energy enables savings and thus use of solar rooftop is s secure investment for sure. In the long period of time, we may run out of coal, oil and natural gas however solar energy is something that will be available all the time. Additional use and consumption of coal, oil and natural gas are getting increasingly expensive and at the same time, it has its hazardous effects on the environment. Here is why solar rooftop in India is increasingly getting popular.

Here are reasons why one should think of installing solar rooftops,

1. It provides long-term sustainable source of energy and not include recurring cost after it is installed. The maintenance costs of a solar roof top are almost negligible when compared to other sources of energy. It has a potential to a reliable mode of energy for the underprivileged sector of India. These are not only helpful in domestic houses however industrial rooftops also are gaining a lot of popularity.

2. The consumption of diesel in India is over 2 billion litters every year. This is an expensive source of energy and at the same time has its own set of disadvantages. Large number of industries, institutions and hospital has been using fossil fuels for the energy. This has been replaced by solar rooftops with a small capital investment. These have proved to be economical.

3. It offers financial benefits which assures lower electricity bills. Lower the bills higher the savings. Solar rooftops significally improves your property value. Home buyers understand the value of solar rooftops. You don’t have to wait to savings. The savings are enabled from day one itself.

4. Since power company makes use of coal or non renewable energy resources to generate power. When you use solar roof tops you reduce your consumption thus enabling lesser use of non renewable resources.

5. Solar power use creates no pollution. Burning oil creates carbon dioxide that is harmful. With so much concentration on global warming, solar rooftops are definitely going to be an added advantage. With pollution level on high in India in fact over the permissible mark in some cities it is advisable that we go solar.

6. Use of solar energy does not need any water to operate unlike coal; natural gas and nuclear power need water to cool down. Solar rooftops do not need any water to generate electricity.

Other features include low maintenance, consistent power supply, energy security, energy independence, low space requirements, silent operations etc. With a number of benefits that cannot be pinned down at once, solar rooftops are an ideal change for India. Few things one has to consider before installing one are, one should be the owner of the house, the roof has to be in a great condition, the roof should not be under shade and your electricity bills are too much to handle.