The Power of Surrender — the key to great success

Every time I want to achieve something, “I” tend to come in the way. It is really the only obstacle I have ever faced when it comes to achieving my goals.

So how does one remove the “I” in me?

“By Complete Surrender”

In ancient India when someone decided to take up a challenge they would first have to find themselves a Guru. Guru when translated stands for teacher but the meaning actually goes far beyond that.

A guru is someone you don’t question. Partly due to the authority that a Guru commands but also because you have complete trust & faith in that person. The Guru always knows more about what you are capable off than you yourself.

Indirectly you surrender your decision making power to this person and leave your doubts to him or her. In other words, all that is left for you to worry about is the task at hand.

The surrender removes doubt. Lack of doubt removes fear, therefore filling the you with just positive energy. And it’s that energy that one needs to get ahead in tough times.

Religion and pray have the same effect. When we pray, we nominate God to be responsible for all your worries and you simply need to do what you need to do to get on with life. I think that’s why so many people are religious, it makes living more bearable.

In today’s world, it is not difficult to find coaches, mentors and teachers. But to find a true Guru is tough. I also think we live in a more individualistic society where having faith in others is a challenge.

This leaves us with only one choice — to self-surrender.

Surrendering requires tons of strength and self-confidence. It is far more difficult to do then anything else out there. When you surrender you agree to take whatever headwinds that might come your way, you accept it and trust that facing them (no matter how difficult) will lead you to your destination. There is no fight in you but only the will and energy to take up the challenge.

Gandhi got India independence as he surrendered to his value of non-violence. The surrender was bigger than any physical or emotion pain he was subjected to.

For me personally surrendering to something is difficult but still necessary if I want to keep persevering in life. I do this using a simple non-religious pray/affirmation. The pray or affirmation reminds me of my faith & trust in the journey and that self-doubt is only created my mind as a way to stop me from getting ahead. Prays and affirmations are great tools to re-program your mind bit by bit.

By having faith that the journey will lead me to where I need to get to, my actions are never doubted by me. I evaluate my mistakes but never doubt the need to keep on trying.

Surrender makes your ego small. It makes you hungry — to learn, to grow and to reach the sky!