A Journey of a Love Story

He held her hand
She catched her breath
Her heart started palpitating
Is it the moment she has been waiting?
He pulled her close
Right infront of her forehead, his nose
He bowed his head
She was his goddess and best friend

Their foreheads touched
His hands she clutched
Their hearts skipped a beat
There were butterflies in her stomach
There was fire in his gentle touch
he looked in her eyes
He could see her soul
It made him whole
She looked in his eyes
So deep, filled with love and pride
They were dark, yet they reminded her of sunshine
They know they love each other incandescently, truly, deeply and madly
They were going to be each other’s spiritually, physically, legally and mentally
They were apart from an aeon, sadly
But now they have become one
the batttles and wars have been won
They both have found ‘The One’

No words were needed
Their souls had their own jargon
It was just a ritual,
exchanging their rings
Their hearts and love had already been exchanged
Nothing is more exquisite than redamancy
He held her face in his hands
They wiped each other’s tears
Both were drowned in Euphoria
They murdered each other’s fears
It was a moment of bliss
They kissed.
He was hers. She was his
It was ethereal
Better than fairytales or reel
It was surreal
The guest congratulated and cheered
Their path was cleared
They left to begin a new journey
It is not about happily ever after
but about the time spent together
whether dark or whether it is sunny.

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