Berlin. 2018. Summer.

Another great conference in one of Europe’s tech cities - Berlin. It was the first 3-day conference I have had attended to. There were great talks to choose from despite the fact half of them were in the German language. Apparently, Webinale conference took place simultaneously.

So there are couple talks summary

Scaling Sparta: Military Lessons for Growing a Dev Team” from a developer advocate Emily Freeman.
If you need a motivation boost or an awesome story which involves a history lesson this is the one. Easy to follow, no hard deep technical knowledge but an interesting view to compare…

I am in love with new the Laravel logging configuration. The most basic cases are covered in the Laravel documentation, but if you want to send logs to Graylog instance, you have to configurate Monolog GelfHandler handler. It requires extra configuration.

Laravel 5.5

file bootstrap/app.php

$app->configureMonologUsing(function ($monolog) {
$transport = new \Gelf\Transport\UdpTransport(env(‘GRAYLOG_HOST’), env(‘GRAYLOG_PORT’),
$publisher = new \Gelf\Publisher();
$grayLogHandler = new \Monolog\Handler\GelfHandler($publisher);

Laravel 5.6 Logging configuration

file config/logging.php

'graylog' => [
'driver' => 'monolog',
'handler' => Monolog\Handler\GelfHandler::class,
'handler_with' => [
'publisher' => app(\App\Services\GraylogSetup::class)->getGelfPublisher(),
'formatter' => \Monolog\Formatter\GelfMessageFormatter::class

file Services/GraylogSetup.php



use Gelf\Publisher;
use Gelf\Transport\UdpTransport;

class GraylogSetup
public function getGelfPublisher() …

Persikėlus gyventi atgal į miestą, sugedo automobilis. Nebetaisiau ir neieškojau kito. Nusprendžiau patikrinti senai sugalvotą teoriją: automobilis nėra būtinybė, kai gyveni mieste. Juk yra patogių alternatyvų:

  • dviratis;
  • viešasis transportas;
  • Citybee;
  • taksi;
  • keliavimas pėstute.


Deja, per keturis mėnesius neteko išmėginti dviračio kaip transporto priemonės. Viena iš pagrindinių priežasčių — neradau papildomos vietos nuomojamame bute. Citybee dviračiai netiko, nes nebuvo punkto arti darbo. O minti ir tada persėsti į autobusą tiesiog ekonomiškai nenaudinga ir tokiam keliavimui nenorėjau skirti tiek laiko.

Viešasis transportas

Stotelė buvo šalia namų ir labai tinkamas tvarkaraštis. Su persėdimu atvykdavau į darbą per ~20 min. Vienintelis minusas — kelionė pailgėja beveik…

The Setup

A PHP application with NGINX web server runs on Heroku infrastructure.

It is quite easy to add application level Nginx configuration rules. Follow theirs documentation Custom PHP settings. It gets complicated if you want to edit something in Nginx `http` configuration block (server level configuration).

I wanted to use `ngx_http_limit_req_module`. This requires adding `limit_req_zone` in http block. So, I can not add it into configuration file from the above tutorial.

Virtually, you need to and one line into `conf/nginx/heroku.conf.php` of Heroku PHP builpack

First approach

Why not clone Heroku PHP buildpack official repo, edit that file. Then change application buildpack and ready…

It’s been two years since my fist certification exam — Zend Certified PHP Engineer. Now I am aiming for AWS Certified Developer — Associate.

You only need a computer to start learning from the greats


I had AWS in mind for a good half year. After I took first steps into ops world with Docker.

Recently, I spend some time on a project hosted on Heroku and got feeling “It has to be better solution”. Basically, it outgrew Heroku infrastructure: there are too many restrictions and it gets overpriced. Heroku sits on top of the AWS, so why not to dig into it and skip the middle man.


In the first…

I had an opportunity to attend Devternity 2016 in Riga. And it was just brilliant.

They wrote

Carefully chosen keynotes, exclusively delivered by the world’s top speakers makes the conference inspiring and practical. With zero tolerance to marketing talks and Agile bullsh%t bingo,

And delivered.

Here is my list of speeches I attended:

The Art of Visualising Software Architecture”,
Seven Secrets of Maintainable Codebases”,
Metrics at Scale @ Uber”,
Thing fast and slow with software development”,
Peer to Peer Salary Review in a Corpo: Case Study”,
Progressive Web Apps — The Return of the Web”,
Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of…

TestCon2016 Vilnius @ University of Applied Social Sciences

The conference was bigger than I expected. It was hard to choose between speakers in four tracks. So sacrifices had to be done. Some selected talks were very inspiring and interesting and other were not. Ilary Henrik Aegerter of “House of Test” presentation was a top notch. He showed that even with the simplest product you can generate infinitive tests cases. You can not generalize test or testers. You have do make decisions which are best for your situation.

Vaidas Lungis

PHP developer | Developer Advocate |Laravel fan. Just write some thoughts to improve my english skills

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