Burnout doesn’t happen overnight — it happens brick by brick, one decision after another

Some unlit matches and a burnt one. A new match with a leaf sprouting out of it.

I can remember the exact moment that I realized the gravity of it. A coworker had sent me a link to an article from the Mayo Clinic on Slack. I skimmed the article until I reached a section called “Job burnout symptoms”, which included a bulleted list of questions to…

I am fully aware that birthdays are just rituals. Functionally, they don’t really mean much at the end of the day; they just happen to be easy enough to use when we want to represent milestones and impactful events. And yet, I love these rituals. …

One of the hardest things about distributed systems is that we often find ourselves needing to approach them very differently than other problems in computing. Distributed computing forces us to reevaluate how we’d approach even the simplest obstacles in a single system model.

We recently began exploring one such example…

Vaidehi Joshi

Writing words, writing code. Sometimes doing both at once.

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