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There are more than a dozen OKR templates and tracking tools out there. We started adopting OKRs at Grofers a couple of years back and went through our cycles of adopting the methodology. While adopting a new way of working, having the right tool can accelerate the transformation.

We explored a lot of different tools and ended up settling with 15five. …

Even though we all agree about the importance of good documentation, there seems to be a widespread failure on our part to act on this belief and pay attention to how we document our software. Why does this happen?

I have often seen documentation not being the focus of teams. Somehow, teams don’t get around to realizing that documentation is as much a part of their work as producing software and hence should be a part of their definition of done.

Developers should not be the only ones who take the blame here. Their managers and leaders don’t think of documentation as a necessity, even though oftentimes they base their own decisions regarding what software to buy on the quality of the supporting documentation. …

I was working on a small project recently to learn working with the Docker tool chain and get an idea about how things work. I decided to build (yet another) open-source Docker image of etcd and publish it on Docker Hub. …


Vaidik Kapoor

Software Engineer, Building Tech at Grofers

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