I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days.

My enthusiasm has gone down a few notches. And I’m not feeling very positive as I write this.

What should I do? What do I need to tweak in my schedule to feel good again?

Here’s a checklist I try to use to keep myself uplifted:

Published blog post? Check
Practiced yoga? Check
Did focused work? Check
Spent quality time with family? Nope.
Kept all of the promises you’ve made? Nope.

Those last two items are the culprit.

Family: I don’t like to admit it. They should come first in my priority. But that isn’t the case today. I need to fix this.

Promises: I don’t like to admit this either. I need to practice setting lower expectations but delivering higher. I have a tendency to do the opposite more often.

Failure. Deeply ingrained in our psyches is the embarrassment about failure. We don’t like to accept it ourselves, let alone share it with others.

But that doesn’t make sense. Growth can’t happen without using failure as a stepping stone.

Failure is the only thing we can learn from.

I’m gonna use those last two failures to get better. Will share how things transpire after a week or two.