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Vaidy Bala
Jun 24 · 2 min read

A friend shared an article with me with this comment: "Read this. There's an honorable mention of your guru in it."

I was confused. Which Guru was she talking about?


We're so fortunate to live in a world filled with amazing authors, bloggers, coaches and speakers who generously share what they've learnt the hard way.

In an attempt to prove my point to her, I made a list of the first 7 gurus that came up in my mind. And shared it with her.


It's by no means even nearly comprehensive - but I think it's useful to share it here - nevertheless.

I'll make time to write a more comprehensive list one of these days. Until then, here's the partial list:


I've been a fan of the following people and their ideas for a long time:

- Eckert Tolle: I discovered from his work how the ego and the pain-body thrive on the past and the future. And how they’re constantly trying to deter us from living in the present.
- Carol Dweck: She was the one who gave me hope that I can change myself. While I’m certain that I still operate from the “fixed mindset” sometimes, I’m mostly programmed to think from a growth standpoint.
- Steven Pressfield: His work has helped me immensely - from the standpoint of discovering/observing/being alert to how “Resistance” creeps up - and prevents me from doing creative work. I’m now better equipped than I used to be to tackle Resistance.
- Seth Godin: I love everything he writes about. But if I had to choose, I would think his ideas around being a "Linchpin" - are the more provocative and hard to ignore.
- Om Swami: His books on meditation and mantra science are the ones that have influenced me the most. My current meditation practice is almost completely based on his work. I combine his ideas on posture, concentration, the sound of mantras, faith in the almighty - along with measurement/tracking progress - in my own meditation practice.
- Josh Kaufman: I’m a huge fan of business reading list - and also his own Personal MBA book. I’ve learnt and practiced a lot of mental models from his work.
- Leo Babauta: I first came across the "The power of less" 5-7 years ago, I think. But it was only recently that I subscribed to his newsletter. His approach to helping people grow by being kind to them - is something I want to learn.

If you’re wondering which Guru my friend was referring to, its Nochur Venkatraman.

It was his Bhagavatha Sapthaham discourse that vaulted me into the world of spirituality — 13 years ago.

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