Thank you. We’re launching.

My team and I are launching a new product into the market today.

Not with a big party. Not after many months of coding. Not with a long list of beautiful features. And not after we’ve been in hibernation — furiously building features against a launch deadline.

Our launch party is a 5-min demo with a customer. We’ve been coding for less than 5 days. We have just one feature.

As insignificant as all that might seem, its still the result of about 5 months of dreaming, making mistakes, learning from them and dancing with the fear of failure.

We’re still at least 12–24 months away from being able to say with confidence that we’ve got a winner on our hands. And we might run out of money and/or time before that.

But we’ve come a long way, because the experience of putting a working product — even with just one feature — in the hands of a paying customer, who can solve real problems with it, is a big milestone.

This post could be about the wonderful world of Business Models or Lean Startups or Experiments or Customer Development or Continuous Delivery.

But it isn’t.

This is about taking a moment to thank key people who’ve helped us get to this point:

Josh Kaufman: For writing the Personal MBA. I find the ideas in the book immensely useful for navigating the complex work of business. I also learned to enjoy my work so much more, because of the book. Thank you Josh 😊.

Me with Josh and Derek

Ash Maurya: For writing both his books: Running Lean & Scaling Lean. Without these two books, I doubt we’d be anywhere near today’s milestone.

Eric Ries: For writing the Lean Startup and creating a world-wide movement of bringing in Lean Thinking into the startup world. It took me a long time to start changing my behavior to align with the ideas in that book. But I can personally attest to the fact that the results are extra-ordinary.

Jez Humble: For writing Continuous Delivery — and inspiring us to completely overhaul our engineering processes at Multunus — to move from releases every couple of weeks to live deployments almost every day.

James Shore: For writing Art of Agile Development. If not for his book, we might never introduced TDD and Extreme Programming into our daily lives.

My Team: 100% of our current revenues come from our consulting business, as of today. That means that while most of the team consults with our customers, a few of us (including myself) get the opportunity to indulge in risky creative pursuits such as new products. As a founder, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They’re hands down some of the best people — both in terms of talent and attitude — that you can be put-together under the same roof. Thank you folks :).

Needless to say, this is still a very short and incomplete list. I’ll probably need at least a day or two to make a more comprehensive one. Soon.

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