“The” Guru

Vaidy Bala
Jun 25 · 1 min read

I wrote yesterday about how we have generous Gurus all around us.

After I published the post, I took a step back. And then realized that I’d forgotten to describe the other type of Guru.

That’s the Guru who goes much beyond the role of a teacher.

— — —

This is the Guru who would be our God incarnate.

The Guru to whom we would have completely surrendered.

The Guru whose every wish becomes our command.

And ideally, the Guru who also takes us under their wings and protects us forever.

— — -

That’s a very personal connection — between the Guru and the disciple.

The connection between Ramakrishna & Vivekananda is legendary.

I’m yet to find such a guru. Perhaps the universe will be kind enough to gift me, my guru, soon.

— — -

How about you? Do you share such a special relationship with anyone?

    Vaidy Bala

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