The story about us…or how it all began

The team of “RAMO” company has successful experience in projects launches with investments higher than $30 million.

Our aim is to build a new satellite city with comfortable and ecological environment, creative atmosphere and with opportunities for development and implementation of innovative projects and technologies, in which you would want to live in:

- with full utility and social infrastructure

- with the use of alternative power sources, including solar and energy-saving technologies

- implementation of the “smart city” technologies

- attraction of crowdfunding resources

- potential further rollout of the project and support of the economics growth

Afterwards, it was decided to launch a project (2008 — the present day) of the construction of satellite city with full variety of utility and social infrastructure in the area of 382 ha,with an approved territory plan, located in the suburbs of Lipetsk. RAMO has also acted in this project as a Developer.

At the moment, operation of the company is supported by its own funds. Other funding sources such as bank loans were not used.