We have ambitious plans. And we know how to spend 1 million dollars … Learn and you

We are announcing the issue of first 300 000 (three hundred thousand) crypto-currency RCSHARE (RCS) tokens (crypto-share) out of 1 000 000 (one million)with the initial cost equivalent to 1 (one) US dollar.

Upon recording the attracted investors’ funds, RCSHARE tokens (crypto-shares) will be generated.

Tokens will be placed with a discount (see. Annex 1).

An RCSHARE (RCS) token (crypto-share) is a crowdfunding tool for recording collected non-financial funds.

An RCSHARE (RCS) token (crypto-share) is supported by assets — proprietary land plots of the “housing construction purpose” category in the NEW DUBRAVA satellite city territory and it can be exchanged with a discount up to 20% (see. Annex 1).

An RCSHARE (RCS) token (crypto-share) can be considered as a means to be placed on trade platforms and to be used within the “local project boarders”.

Remaining account balance will be accrued with RCSHARE (RCS) tokens up to 10% annum depending on the account balance (see. Annex 1), as well as a complete buyout at a later stage.

Start of the crowdfunding campaign — 1st July 2017.

Crowdfunding campaign duration — 30 (thirty) days.

Transfer and receipt of the crowdfunding funds will be displayed in the members account on the project web-page.

List of non-financial tools (crypto-currencies) available for transfer: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, EMC, Waves, etc.

The amount of collected funds, excluding justified expenses, is directed to development of the NEW DUBRAVA satellite city, primarily for the construction of the office- and shopping centre and further utilities.


  • construction of an additional element of the utility and social infrastructure and population growth increases the cost of a land plot, which is the main product of our project;

Learn more on our web-site www.ramo.city

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