What is the Satellite city “NEW DUBRAVA” blockchain project

Dear visitors ! 
Starting from July 2017 we invite investors to take part in the crowdfunding ICO blockchain project Satellite city “NEW DUBRAVA”. (We will inform you about the start date of the ICO campaign later). 
The project is aimed at attracting non-monetary funds (crypto-currency) for the development of the new satellite city “NEW DUBRAVA” in Lipetsk region, Lipetsk oblast. 
Our aim is to build a new satellite city with a comfortable, ecological environment and creative atmosphere, providing opportunities for development and implementation of innovative projects and technologies — the town you would want to live in. 
At the moment the total amount of capital assets of Satellite city “NEW DUBRAVA” is approximately $10 million. The total amount of investments into land, including development of infrastructure, sold land plots and completed buildings constructions is approximately $36 million for the past 8 years. This is the active project, not a start-up. 
The main advantage of this project is the real business experience of the professional team of “RAMO” company, having a successful history of profitable project accomplishments throughout the last 20 years (See “About us”), as well as a positive credit history at Sberbank, Russia. 
Dividends up to 10% per annum will be allocated every month as well as complete buyout according to table.

Please do not hesitate to post your enquires, suggestions and comments about this topic. 
We look forward to your feedback. Best regards, 
Satellite-city “NEW DUBRAVA” project managers.