Where is the first satellite city created with the help of the blockchain-project?

In Russia. Near the developed and prosperous city of Lipetsk. 
Lipetsk is famous throughout the country for large enterprises, which make a significant contribution to the economy of the country.
The region’s leadership has attracted over 50 foreign companies over the past 10 years, which are successfully operating today in a special economic zone near the city. 
In this regard, Lipetsk is a sought-after city for specialists in various fields. 
Our team is committed to the world’s first satellite, Novaya Dubrava, in which innovative enterprises and start-ups, alternative energy and agriculture will develop.

We have already done much for this over the past 8 years. 
Look at the details of our project, which is already in demand for investors from all over the world, because today there is a unique opportunity not only to take part in the construction of the whole city, but also to earn on it

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