The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism
Joe Brewer

I’ve read the above. I feel it and live it. I’ve read all that is happening and all that people are trying to do. Still, I see no place for me.
I am right on the economic precipice. That’s no exaggeration- I am not one to say I’m brake when I have $20 in my pocket.
As I struggle to just pay the rent and feel the embarrassment of getting food stamps and taking money from my aging mother (I’m not young myself) I don’t see any real place for myself among those trying to change things.
I’m glad people are trying to make change and I’m glad they have the resources, but I am side-lined as an active participant and can only hope there will be change enough that I don’t grow old and die in poverty and misery.
There are plenty like me. We don’t have a place. Some turn to the dark side, supporting Trump…
I’m doing my best to contribute as an environmental educator, but it is not sustainable. Failure is right around the corner.
I don’t feel especially vindicated or empowered by the above, just a kind of cold comfort.

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