How to Prevent Breakouts on Chin?

Acne breakouts are rampant on the face, neck and back. However, the chin happens to be the most common place to experience the attack. This is often as a result of hormonal imbalance and shifts that your body experiences. These hormones tend to stimulate excess production of oil that results in bacterial growth and trapping on the pores, eventually leading to cystic blemishes and sores that make you feel irritated and painful.

Most women experience this as a result of their monthly cycle. This kind of problem responds quite slowly to the normal drying spot treatment. This information will give you vital tips that will assist you to prevent chin breakouts.

Cut Down on Dairy Products

Your skin is an excretory system that gets rid of toxins and other waste substances that fail to concur with your system. For the case of dairy products, it is difficult for the system to digest it, making many people to be lactose intolerant. Thus, excess intake of dairy products may be the main reason for what cause acne.

Make an initiative to cut down on the consumption of dairy products such as yoghurt, milk, and cheese. Try and see if the breakout still persists after two to three weeks. Actually, your system will use the chin to get rid of the excess hormones.

Consult a Dermatologist or Gynecologist

These medics will enable you understand your body and come up with an idea of how to equally balance out the hormones. If you are using birth control pills, they may be the reason. The suggestions they are likely to give you will greatly assist you deal with the skin problem.

You can as well consider prescribed medicine if the rest do not work. Dealing with the main problem is always best to consider.

Avoid Touching your Chin

Avoid constantly touching your chin. Your hands may or may not be clean. Often, as a result of constantly touching different things such as the door knob to the toilet, shaking hands with other people and touching other surfaces that are not clean, your hands are exposed to different bacteria. Once you touch your face, you expose it to a number of risks.

If you are used to regularly placing your hand on your chin, you need to work on dropping that bad habit. You can develop the good habit of regularly washing your hands and cleaning your face before bed and early in the morning. This regime will get rid of the acne causing bacteria.

Sanitize your Mobile Phone

It is quite obvious that cell phones don’t cause acne. However, your hands touch your phone regularly. The bacteria they collect may make your acne worse. Develop the habit of regularly wiping the phone in order to do away with the bacteria and preventing them from reaching your skin.

Treat the Affected Area Only

If the chin is the only affected area, ensure you get to treat that specific place. You can use the drying acne cleanser that is gentle on your skin. After that you can also mask your entire face. It may to some extent feel inconveniencing to purchase a product that will exclusively be used for the chin, but the benefits are extraordinary.

Use Non-Drying Blemish Treatment

When dealing with the problem of chin acne, you develop two goals, one is to prevent the appearance of blemishes which needs you to use a non-drying and alcohol free serum for acne. Ensure it has salicylic acid as it penetrates to the pores for the purpose of getting rid of the acne causing bacteria. However, different skin types tend to give different response to the use of salicylic acid. 
This treatment will be efficient and you will not need to dry the skin out.

Spot Treat the Blemish

The other goal when dealing with this skin problem is to specifically do the spot treatment on the blemish. This treatment will make it heal quickly once it appears. The approach you take will have a great influence on the longevity of the acne.

Following this advice will result to the blemish being less evident.

Clean the Pores

The main contributor to blemishes may be the older ones causing infections. The clogged pores when re-infected it becomes crucial to get the pores cleaned by a professional or on your own. Regardless of what you settle for, ensure you clean them well to prevent further breakouts.


To sum it up, acne is a skin condition that finding a cure for has proven difficult. Nevertheless, these tips will give you the assistance you require when it comes to dealing with your skin. Thus, giving you the opportunity to achieve a clear skin that is free of blemishes and has no trace of pimples on your chin.