Hands up, don’t shoot and shot fired. Unarmed black man got shot by the police. Is the crime racially motivated?.

What is going on within this society, that makes me believe i am not trully free. Laying down on my bed watching the news, wondering what dr. king and miss rosa park fought for back in the days. Next day i got up went to see a spychiatris, recommended by my guidance counselor. Because she thougt i was suicidal. When i got there i told the psychiatris the story. She said “ fuck no nigga. you not suicidal, you homicidal”. She also told me, even before i was born society already label me as a menace. Base on whom i was conceived by. Base on my ethnicity.

Two weeks later, same thing happened. Another black man got shot, by a police officer. Everyday i am going down the block to roll up some dice, police see me as a threat that needs to be neutralize.