How implementing Zero-touch enrollment can mitigate mobile device management challenges?

Vaishak Nair
May 31 · 2 min read
Zero-touch Enrollment Configuration

There are pros & cons of every technology, especially when it comes to the use of technology in the workplace. Mobile Device Management is implemented by organizations that want their employees to use mobile devices more efficiently by securing their data and communicating more efficiently.

The challenges somehow depend on the solution that they use to manage corporate-devices and how secure and easy the IT admin thinks the solution is. The foremost action after implementing a Device Management solution is, Enrolling, the IT Admin needs to enroll a fleet of devices to attest policies and configurations right from their desktop.

Now enrolling all these devices can take hours of work and the Admin needs to be very specific about devices and which policies to apply if the devices are set in different groups.

This can be mitigated by implementing Zero-Touch Enrollment that allows IT Admin to configure policies and set of protocols right before the device is even powered on, all that an employee needs to do is, Switch on the devices when received and accept the permission as set by the IT admin(which hardly takes time).

The other aspect that could be challenging are:

User Experience:
The main objective of MDM solution is developing a working environment on a mobile device that lets employees do the same work that they can do at their desk. The easier and resonating app lets employees carry their task with ease and drive more productivity by leveraging applications and hardware.

Enterprise Mobility:
As mobility can no longer be ignored, the key component of organizations is to how to leverage the use of mobile devices at the workplace with the desired outcome. Engaging mobility at workplace needs a flexible solution that allows IT Admin to assign different types of policies to a different group of teams or depending upon the employee hierarchy.

Though the objective of MDM solutions are to bring more security without compromising the corporate data, IT Admin should be aware of all the features and user experience before implementing an MDM solution.

Vaishak Nair

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