Reviving the Art of Thoughtful Gifting

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I have seen the perils of gift-giving art of modern culture. People bearing grudges against each other for years, gifts being repacked over and again and passed on so many times that it stops being a gift and all-things joy that relate to it. It is no more the emotion I used to associate gifts with. The anticipation mixed with anxiety and pleasure while opening a gift is nowhere to be seen in this new generation because we have done an irreparable harm to this great art of gifting. We have made it so mundane. We make gifting so complicated like every other feeling a human heart holds.

Let’s unfurl and try to reverse the damage by looking at the various gifts that can be still classified as ‘thoughtful gifts.’ Before we go any further, we have to understand the feeling behind gifts first. You can never judge a gift based on practicality and it cannot be unexpected always, either. So, rather than focusing on obvious advantages, try and understand the feelings that go behind the gifts.

Gifts Arrangement at ArenaFlowers

Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates and Toys: If you ever find yourself frantically searching for the perfect gift and pulling your hair over it, go for the safest and securest route ever. FLOWERS. A cheerful, fresh flower bouquet from ArenaFlowers still holds the secret to unlock various emotions. Add a personal touch to the gift with a little personalized note. Be it anniversary, Valentine’s Day or a get-together of office colleagues, flowers never disappoint! They complement every occasion and most importantly, in this downturn of economic events, they are light on your pocket too. Add cake, chocolates and toys to the combination of beautiful flowers to add value to your gift.

Personalized Gifts: After flowers from Bangalore, personalized gifts take the second spot. Personalized gifts make even the routine special! These are a wonderful way to express your feelings for somebody. And the best part is that you have plenty of options to choose from. You can go for customized T-shirts that you two can wear to an event. A customized set of coffee mugs to make mornings even more special! A set of planters that adorn your work station and say, ‘how thankful it is to be a part of your life!’


DIYs: It isn’t easy to churn out a do-it-yourself. For someone like me, who has two left hands, it is a feat. The immense satisfaction you get from a DIY gift is nothing compared to what you get off the shelves. You can be as creative as you want with the DIYs. You can arrange a bunch of cut flowers in beautiful centerpieces for a bridal shower. Be it a scrumptious cake or rum chocolates, potpourri or facial masks, shower bombs or body rubs, there is practically nothing that can beat the charm of a DIY!

Remember gifts are for joy. Spread the joy and don’t ruin your peace of mind over it!

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