Abstract Nothingness.

I am not at peace.
My mind is not peace.
There is so much I wish to do.
So much I wish to change,
In me and around me too.
But what do I do?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
I just sit and stare at nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
And all of sudden, it's everything.
Not being able to do anything,
Suddenly became my everything,
Without even trying, it happened.
But, but is this what I want?
No, I don't. Of course, I don't.
But what do I do about?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

- A little too abstract, isn't it? 
Well, isn't that how life is too? 
All abstract and unexpected,
At every single point and turn?
Maybe that's what's going on. 
Maybe I am trying to figure something out. 
Life maybe. Not sure. 
But, whatever it is, 
I will know it some day for sure.