Here’s How You Can Watch ‘But What Was She Wearing?’

Your support would go a long way in making more screenings possible

Vaishnavi Sundar
Mar 11 · 3 min read

With more than 15 screenings and discussions/debates all over India, and a few screenings abroad, ‘But What Was She Wearing?’ is now available to watch online. (Scroll down, or click on this link)

This documentary that took forever to make cost me more than money to complete it. ‘But what was she wearing?’ was crowdfunded, therefore, I am forever grateful to the contributors who came forward to support me. But making this film taught me the superficial nature/limits of social media feminism and the momentary, insincere sentiment behind ‘online’ outrage against violations of women’s rights and dignity.

After mounting challenges to get the voices of Indian women out, I now come back to you for support in helping me spread the word. It baffles me when I think about the number of sexual harassment cases that have surfaced in just this past year when I have been trying to get as many screenings as possible. It only goes to show how indifferent and ignorant the workplaces are about women’s safety. It is becoming even more challenging in this climate to stress upon the need for awareness because organizations would rather focus on profits than a conducive work environment.

In this film, more than 30 people talk about their experiences. Women from every possible workplace, organized or unorganized. I have taken acute care in ensuring I represent the problems that women face due to their caste, religion, region and the type of industry, outside of a problematic workplace. I balanced it out by having men discuss sexual harassment that they face, and the problems of toxic masculinity, in the film. After having screened it, many organizations have set up committees that would offer redressal to an aggrieved female employee. Many women, inspired by the courage of the interviewees, have decided to file complaints against their abusers. It is humbling to know that the toil has amounted to such a radical social change.

Having made the film on a shoe-string budget, we scraped the last penny trying to finish it. Your support in helping me spread the word would garner interest in people who wish to watch the film, or screen it in their cities. The funds that we raise would go right back into making many more screenings possible. Especially in spaces where we’d have to spend out of our own pockets. I can’t stress enough about the importance of screening it in such spaces.

We worked very hard to fight the good fight, and now we ask you to help us keep it up. Would you join me in making workplaces safe for women?

Vaishnavi is a writer, self-taught filmmaker among other things. You can read all of her work by signing up for her newsletter.

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Writer. Self-taught filmmaker. Animal lover. I always put Women First. Wiki:

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