Of sea and sand!

The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step and taking that one step is probably the hardest thing ever! As I lost the sight of the railway station and got closer to the destination, I knew my life was to change. That the next sunrise would be different. Anxiety had kept me stuck inside a metaphorical bubble for years till one day , I decided that I needed to breathe a little more and live a little better.

First sight of the sea, and I was left in awe. First sight love, one could say! Shoes were taken off and so was the artificial identity that I had created for myself and I dipped my foot in the beautiful blue sea. The last time I did this, I was a kid in red shorts, jumping around like a monkey. And after years, I could see that little kid, slowly coming back and the educated young adult taking a back seat. The day was for lazing around and laughs, quick strolls and quietness , petting dogs and pretty views.

The trek started off at around 5 in the evening and the excitement was too much to be contained in my tiny body. We went from Gokarna beach to Kudle beach and took a break at Namaste café in Om beach. It was an hour of yummy food and soothing music till we finally left to camping destination, paradise beach after crossing half moon beach. After crossing forests and and breath taking ridge walks, I got a glimpse of true paradise! The existence of tents were happily forgotten and we chose to sleep under the moonlit sky,to the sound of waves. The most peaceful sleep of my 19 years of life, I must say!

The beach was as beautiful in the morning as it was in the moonlight . All of us had our dose of splashing water and sand, making mermaids and chilling under the sun, till we finally headed back to Gokarna beach.

Too tired too move, we sat staring at the sea till it was finally time to bid farewell.

When I get back, life would be pretty much the same but would I?