Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalising Serum for FALLING HAIR from Biotique — Review

Hi, lovelies!

This is a review of one of my favourite product from Biotique which is Bio Mountain Ebony vitalizing serum.


Rs 185 for 120ml.

Company claims :

· Stimulates hair growth.

· Leaves scalp exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation.

How to use

Apply a small amount of the serum to the scalp and massage it in a circular motion. Leave on and style as desired.


My experience :

I am completely in love with this product. I am on my third bottle and it works wonderful. On a continuous use of up to 3 weeks, you can see visible results.

It is a scalp treatment more than a hair serum. I started using this product when I had some bald spots on the sides where I usually take my hair partition. I started using this every night on that area.

Within 3 weeks I saw re-growth !

So now I use it all over my scalp at night and there is considerable change in the length of my hair.

Since it is a vitalising serum it helps in increasing the volume of my hair. It does not leave my hair oily and sticky and the best part is, it gets absorbed really fast.

The only thing which I don’t like about the product is its packaging. It does not come with an applicator but it just has a small opening at the top which makes the application really messy.

So what I do is, I refill the serum in a spritz bottle and use it. This helps in lesser wastage of product and is very convenient to use as the consistency is watery.

So it’s a complete yes for this product from my experience.


· Helps in hair growth.

· Controls hair fall.

· Smell is very relaxing.

· Price is pretty affordable because one bottle last for almost a month.

· Does not leave your hair sticky.

· Helps with the volume of your hair(my hair texture is curly and the effect may vary on straight hair).

· 100% Ayurvedic ingredients.

· Cruelty-free product.


· Packaging does not contain an applicator which leaves the process messy.

· Claims it does not contain any preservatives but the shelf life is 3 years so I don’t know how that works.

My Rating : 4/5

Will I buy it again ? Definitely yes.