Top 6 bizarre eyebrow trends of 2017

Happy, angry, sad ?

Your eyebrows say it all. Don’t you think they have a life of their own ?

Eyebrows are something that frames your face and a little bit of styling on it makes a huge difference. But the beauty community has taken their eyebrow game into a whole new level.

When the whole world is going gaga with different eyebrow trends here are some wild, crazy and fun eyebrow trends that we have witnessed in 2017.

1.Micro blading

The one eyebrow trend that dominates 2017 has to be micro-blading.

It’s a cosmetic tattooing procedure that gives you fuller looking brows. This is in vogue because of the natural appearance it gives.

2. Feather Eyebrows

It was Stella Sironen who started this trend and it spread the internet almost like wild fire. It’s a very cool trend but definitely not an everyday look.

3.Feral Frond Eyebrows

Started by Andrew Galli on his Instagram page, this look can be achieved by creating hair like strokes along the arch of your eyebrow.

So are you up for this bold and edgy look?

4. McDonald’s Brow

Image credits: hudabeauty

This trend was started by none other that Huda Kattan like a parody addressing all those bizarre beauty trends that are trending now.

But instagram world has taken it to a whole new level.

5. Squiggle Brow

Squiggle brow a trend started by Promise Tamang is taking over Instagram and YouTube.

Would you try these for your office wear ? ;)

6. The braided Brow

This brow-look was created in an attempt to revamp the squiggle brow, but the only difference is that it was photo-shopped. Ain’t nobody got time for braiding their eyebrows. But some beauty gurus have actually figured out a way to attain this. you just need to glue eyebrow extensions just like you to with eye lash extensions and braid them.

So girl, whatever kind of eyebrow you have, flaunt it like a boss because you never know when it’s going to become a new trend!!