Sometimes all you want is just sit by your window and stare at the pouring rain . It’ s such a beautiful feeling that spreads across your whole body. Being in Bangalore for past 13 years, one thing that I never got bored of or irritated is this beautiful rain. Something special about this is , if you ever feel mornings are very hot then its sure is gonna rain the same night . Even if your upset or even if your feel low this rain soothes you . Every rain makes me feel happy …. It makes me forget the bad moments I had . A hot cup of coffee or tea for those who like it is perfect company and the best part is when we neglect everything to go get drenched in this beautiful rain . No matter what nothing is as beautiful as Bangalore rains .. These unexpected rains gives you the best pleasure of staying in this cool city . Some people don’t appreciate the rain . Maybe because they never felt the feeling of it, must have hated it since the start . Some doesn’t like driving around the city but some just do that , those kind of people love the city rains . I know i’m writing this during the beginning of summer and its not fair to tempt you all this soon , but that’s the best part waiting for the rains . Wishing all very happy summer .
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