Medium is not a publishing tool
Ev Williams

I absolutely love Medium and going through the Medium “Article-Feed” has become a part of my daily night-time ritual. The Highlights feature is something that struck an instant chord with me- I’m someone who likes to look back at the most thought provoking lines of an article after I’ve read it and the Highlights feature makes it extremely easy for anyone to do that.

I am always thinking of ideas for the products I love and use daily. While reading an article on Medium the other day, I was just thinking about how cool it would be if Medium had an audio version of the article users could listen to if they did not have the time to read the entire article or would rather listen to the article being read out to them in the author’s voice! For instance, just by listening to Gary Vaynerchuk’s voice, I feel instantly motivated to hustle and keep going. Perhaps, this could be a way for writers to connect with their audiences on an even deeper level! :-)