Importance of IAS Previous Year Question Papers

Civil Services has become a clamor and craze among people. Who doesn’t love to ride a car with a beacon light on the top? With more and more youngsters aspiring to be in the civil services these days, the levels of competition is going higher and with many of the successful aspirants are hailing from rural areas and smaller towns, the anticipation is growing bigger. No doubt, the candidates who are willing to get through the IAS exam should have a better battle plan and should be dedicated to their lessons. The IAS exam is not like any other course to attain, it is something that can be achieved only by right preparation, determination and acute interest. Therefore, doing the right things at the right time in a right way can lead to the path of success. You have to be thorough on what you read. No matter what optional subjects you choose, make sure you don’t miss a thing.

As every year UPSC changes the syllabus, you don’t have be to be overwrought. Civil Service Exam selects only those aspirants who are intelligent, innovative and aware of everyday happenings. Just go though the syllabus and try to understand it. If you just did then 20% work is over as syllabus tells you what to read and what not to. As question will be asked from the new syllabus, do not ignore the added part. Try to know the relevant topic that hold values in today’s life and prepare for it well. Practicing IAS previous year question papers is a good idea as you can get a clearer picture about the way you should perform in the mains.

If have chosen the optional paper for mains that you have already studied in prelims, do not neglect the subject. Put equal weightage over both the optional in the mains. You may have known about the concept but studying both optional is very much required to be successful in the exam. While practicing, read the questions properly and answer accordingly. Note down the topic where short notes can be taken. This will help during revision. 
Only studying is not important to get through mains exam. How you use your knowledge to write answers to every question in 3 hours is important to excel. The way one writes in the exam makes him topper or failure. How much you have studied won’t work in the exam if you don’t know how to present all the answers in an appealing way. So you have to come up with the idea on how make them presentable that will make you stand apart from the rest.

Current affair is one of the most important papers that should be taken care of. Buying all the current affair books is not going to help you. You should rather read newspapers and magazines daily to consume the knowledge methodically. All you have to do is write appropriate answers to the question. If the answers are written up to the mark then you can obtain full marks. 
Practicing IAS previous year question papers is a good idea as you can get a clearer picture on the way you should perform in the mains. There is no guarantee that a set of old question from previous years will come in this year’s exam, but the outline will be the same and you will have the idea on how to stay put to that outline.