AnyMote: The Universal Remote That Can Control Every Device at Home

AnyMote is a highly powerful and advanced electronic gadget that acts like a remote which can control most of the devices at home. AnyMote can control every device that work on Infrared and WiFi. It just acts like a universal remote that is perfectly capable of controlling home gadgets or devices. We’re getting things ready to review AnyMote and the review will be published very soon. AnyMote, the universal remote, works fine with big brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony and many more. You just need your Android or iOS device to control your home hereafter. Currently, AnyMote App which is needed to control your home works fine only with Samsung, HTC and Medion devices. This is a bit disappointing. Devices that AnyMote can control includes Samsung, Avr, Sharp, Panasonic, Xfinity, Xbox and the company is trying to bring many more devices under the hood.

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