How to actively engage business in design process

Design in digital space always relies on requirements (both user requirements and business requirements), which is normally documented by customer experience professionals, business division and/or business analysts in your organisation or from clients end.

Its important to understand these requirements but being a design professional more important is to how to make the best out of it. We can only produce the best only if we start getting business involve from the beginning of project or every task.

Now you might be thinking that involving business at early stages for every task is kind of difficult, trying to reach people and make them sit in the same room and agree on your ideas you worked on without them — is really not a piece of cake. Right. I don’t want this to sound like lengthy theories/lessons in old books.

Lets stay away from old methods and dive into new ways, many of you may have heard about this and may be using this application already, yes the Invision app. This is the first suggestion I would propose for any digital startup, tech giant or any organisation dealing with digital interfaces. This is not limited to a prototyping app its basically bridging the communication gaps between business people and design professionals. Some people think its just a prototyping tool but its not just that, you can get your feedbacks from other teams much faster and keep track of the comments and updates. You dont really need to worry about anyones availability, its much faster and reliable than you imagine. Everyone can be actively involve through this compared to physical brainstorming and feedback sessions. The Invision app team has better explained their app on their website do have a look.

I have successfully moved few organisations to this app, trying every possible way to make people aware of design processes and make lives easier and more productive.

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Originally published at on February 19, 2016.