Alice in Wonderland

I know you all might be familiar with the movie Alice in Wonderland. And yes it is quite an interesting animation movie. For those that may not have seen it, let me give you a brief summary of the movie.

There is this girl called Alice. She is from Texas USA and she is an orphan. She stays with her grand ma and had a puppy called dodo. One day a strange wind came and swept her into a magical wonderland. There she met the wizard of Oz, a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man with other interesting characters. Her stay all through was full of adventure which finally ended up in a happy ending.

Now back to home. I started my journey to a magical world call the Andela Boot-camp, well i won’t necessarily say its was a fun full adventure but it is a growing adventure. I can confidently say i am not the same.

Today marks my forth day and so far i have met a lot of brilliant minds. I never knew we had great minds in Nigeria who are determine to make the world a better place. If you have been following my blog post you should have read my last post titled “The Three Musketeers”. There i wrote about the three most interesting people i have met in this magical journey so far.

Remember what i said when i was giving a summary about Alice in Wonderland, that she met the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man, in that other i also met some interesting character who i call the three musketeers.

During my time here so far I have seen perseverance, determination, integrity, hard work, patient, friendship and love. It’s really a nice feeling. There is this sense of oneness and collaboration among everyone and that has foster the a bond which to me is the beginning of a long lasting friendship.

Challenges after challenges we overcome and conquered together. No problem was to big as long as we worked together. I have never been with colleagues in a group that are thoughtful, patient and considerate, also i experienced the same with fellows within the organisation. This is a rare quality that one hardly see in a world like ours today. In a way my experience here has lite a light of hope in my heart that we are not totally lost as a nation.

Andela boot-camp is my wonderland. Yes it’s not like what the animation movie projected with all its magical events. But let me tell you this, the magic here are the challenges we overcome everyday and that is what make us stronger. That is my experience in my wonderland (Andela Boot-camp).

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