The fact that you can derive an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’ is manifestly wrong, just logically wrong. Facts in — facts out, values in — values out. By rules of deductive logic you can’t derive conclusions about properties that did not initially appear in your premises. Deriving an ‘ought’ from…

Mundane virtual worlds

Our everyday lives do not usually seem incredible to us. Most of the time we follow familiar routines, meet people we already know, do things we have done before. Mundane is the word, this much is clear. What may be less clear though is that this world…

Our greatest illusion is to believe that we are what we think ourselves to be. — Henri-Frédéric Amiel


The Blind Watchmaker is the title of Richard Dawkins’ 1986 book where he explains how the process of natural selection gives rise to living beings which appear to have been designed…

Free or constrained? Suspended a hundred feet in the air in Bobur’s wooden probosces in Nikola-Lenivets — you feel both.


Compatibilism is the position that freedom of the will is compatible with natural laws and biological organization of the human brain. Dan Dennett constructs for us one such free will worth wanting. Key elements of free will thus conceived are rationality and self-control. …

Classical thinking about Fermi paradox may have as much relevance to extraterrestrial civilizations as this Soviet-era sports arena to giant invading robo-crabs.

We spend hundreds of millions of dollars and entire careers listening to signals from outer space. Longing for first contact is ingrained in our culture and seems like a real possibility. But so far the universe shows no signs life.
Thinking about it more carefully, we…

Valery Latyshev

Mathematician, philosopher, entrepreneur.

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