Cycle Syncing Hot Dogs

We’re a fun-friendly space for inclusive, cyclical well-being.

Valentina Vicent
Jul 4, 2019 · 3 min read

First of all, Happy Independence Day! Hope you’re having a happy and healthy summer 🌴

This month, we designed four “Cycle Syncing Hot Dog” recipes and shared them on our social media channels — as well as within our App. It suddenly felt appropriate to go deeper into why we’re spending time doing this kind of stuff. Our mission is to spread cycle knowledge without overwhelming. We’ve been studying the menstrual cycle and along with our advisors (we’ll be posting about them next month!), we’ve been working on figuring out non-intrusive ways to easily impart approachable and practical bits of valuable and memorable knowledge. Given the high level of general misinformation and the amount of online clutter surrounding “women wellness”, this is a huge challenge.

We know that first we simply need to create more awareness around the fact that there’s more to our cycle than our period — in case this is your first exposure, there are four equally important phases 😯 Once we shut down the clutter we can start properly leveraging our graphic mnemonic devices to spread some responsible wisdom on how to stay more in sync with our bodies. We’re looking for people who will trust us not only with tracking their cycle but are also interested in listening to our advice and believing that it’s the best possible personalized set of wellness knowledge they can find. By designing our first series of very simple four-ingredient “cycle dogs” (based on each of the four phases of our cycle) we’re hoping to start doing this in the fun and inclusive way we’ve promised.

Enjoy our recipes and a very simplified explanation of each phase below.

The “Winter” Dog

Remember this is a period of high intuition. You might feel like meditating or journaling. It’s best to focus on warm energy foods.


Buckwheat Bread

Pork Kielbasa Links

Soy-Glazed Shiitake Mushrooms

Sunny-Side Up Egg, optional


Eat up!

The “Spring” Dog

This phase is great for new ideas and fresh, colorful foods.


Rye Bread

Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage

Pickled Carrots & Zucchini

Lemon Avocado Dressing


Eat up!

The “Summer” Dog

It’s a perfect week for connecting with your community. You’ll be filled with rich positive energy and should focus on like-feeling foods. Summer produce is a must.


Corn Bread

Lamb Merguez

Tossed Red Bell Peppers, Tomato & Scallions

Fig Spread or Ketchup! — most ideal in this phase.


Eat up!

The “Fall” Dog

It’s great to have healthy ingredients on hand to prepare for cravings. This dog will be an amazingly indulgent but great treat.


Millet Bread

Beef Bratwurst

Garlic tossed Chickpeas & Onions

Mustard & Sweet Potato Fries — most ideal in this phase.


Eat up!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to download our App to learn more.

Valentina Vicent

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