Lol.. Mara Valderran — how would your publisher and fan base react to your race based…

Hey Dustin! Thanks for your note. I think you bring up a great question (although I am, admittedly, unfamiliar with Mara Valderran and who her audience would be). What I said is, of course, meant to be provacative and contreversial, but I stand by it. It’s worth considering how one may react, (in this instance, specifically someone white) when their race is criticized and shamed. Why do we feel so uncomfortable? Is it because we are unwilling to acknowledge the truth of the statement? Do we become indignant and cling to our racial pride and renounce the critcizor? Part of this post is meant to induce that kind of outraged repudiation in the hopes that it will reveal just how dangerous that response is. To resent and neglect the possible reality of a criticism is to neglect an opportunity to grow and change.

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