I thought I already sufficiently qualified the term, but OK.
Robert Harvey

MarieG, I interpreted Robert’s last comment to mean that the “Leftist” who “employs the very techniques for achieving their goals that they themselves claim to find abhorrent” is a hypocrite, not that every person ever labelled as a “leftist” or a liberal is a hypocrite. It seems to me that the word “leftist” is not well defined and is often used by conservatives to disparage those on the left side of the political spectrum. However, while I disagree with the generalization of liberals(or anyone else for that matter), I don’t think the kind of liberal Robert was describing represents every liberal out there, and I think Robert made a reasonable effort to make a distinction. Personally, I can agree with a lot of liberal perspectives, but I don’t think the Berkeley incidents reflected well on how those particular liberals handled a couple of conservative voices trying to exercise their right to free speech. I don’t especially like Milo or Ann Coulter, but engaging in violence and destroying property is when you cross the line from voicing your opinion to creating chaos. There are a lot of countries (including countries that the US regularly sends billions of dollars in military weapons to; ie Egypt) where people have very recently been put in prison for simply voicing opinions that the government or the church didn’t like, so you should realize it’s not that crazy for some people to be paranoid about those that want to limit the right to free speech.

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