I fall asleep

I was just a sprout growing in the ground, you watered me from time to time. When I grew tall and strong, you left me there to fin on my own. One day, these little twigs of green grew out of me, and I was so excited I couldn’t wait to see. As you grew from me, later you took on a shape, so many of you, you decided to stay. I’m so happy I’m not alone, I see my purpose has come. I soon saw others start to come around, some sitting beneath me on the ground. Next these little flying things start to come, they stayed and made them a home. There were others running up and down, shaking my little green twigs and it made me flown. I realize how I had become more than a space, for many had found me to be their favorite place. Now the season has come for me to be along. I have seen the rain falling, I feel the wind blowing, and now my little twigs of green have turn orange and brown, they are falling on the ground. My summer time has come to an end. I will always cherish our time together we spent; I shaded you from the sun, your deep thoughts and all our memories I will keep, and they will be here when you return, I fall asleep.

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