5 reasons why personal branding is important for entrepreneurs

Personal branding is important in today’s economy because you are the most important selling point of your service/product. This is a powerful statement, but true. People trust people, they are looking for someone they can proudly recommend and advocate for.

If your personal branding is strong, you will have strangers telling everyone that you are the best of the best. Claiming to be the best is much more powerful coming from someone who isn’t you, or your mom!

Marketing has changed

The marketing landscape has changed today. There is a lot of mistrust in large companies and corporations, and for a good reason. The public is fed up with greed and corruption. Toy’s R Us are blaming the millennial’s not wanting to have kids for their demise. But did they really fail because millennial’s are delaying starting a family? Or did they fail as they fell behind with marketing trends?

Millennial’s are changing the way we are thinking. Especially those that graduated during the recession. Imagine getting an expensive degree, then having to go live in your parent’s basement as there are no jobs for you. With the recession blamed on corruption from corporate America, this has left a bad taste in many mouths. Not to mention higher rent, living cost and healthcare expenses. People today want to spend their dollars wisely. They want to support a business that stands for something, someone they can proudly recommend. This is where personal branding comes in.

The Economy is changing

Millennials, the same ones that are refusing to have kids to keep Toys R Us afloat (so rude), are very entrepreneur minded. More and more small businesses and startups are coming into the market. More are wanting the flexibility of running their own business, and not having to adhere to corporate rules and restrictions. Marketing and branding is all about being the first and catching the wave before it explodes. If you can build a personal brand before the market explodes with entrepreneurs wanting to become the new unicorn, you will catch the wave before everyone else joins you.

Department stores are struggling, jobs are getting lost. Job security is very low. Don’t panic yet, it is not for everyone to be a business owner. Many will fail, but those that are confident in online branding will succeed. And when it gets crowded, personal branding is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Personal branding is a way to separate you from others

Google your competition and you are most likely to find a lot of the same. Same looking websites, same verbiage, similar images and designs and a generic about us section. Take it a step further and look at their social media accounts. Those will range from generic quotes to photos of their puppy eating a lemon. Now think, how is a potential client going to choose from what looks like, a dull competition. What makes them unique? We know we have something awesome to bring to the table, the trick is to communicate that to our future clients.

Building a personal brand as an entrepreneur should be a priority. It will not be easy, far from it. It requires consistency and a mix of art and science. You will have to master social media, know who your client is and how to engage them. Show them how capable you are.

Embrace the instant gratification society

There are some of us who remember time before the internet. Time of remembering phone numbers, having to stay in the same spot, twiddling your thumb around the phone cord, while talking to a person. A time where encyclopedia sales, and other door to door sales were thriving. Those were the good days. Simpler times. Now if you get stranded without your phone at the supermarket, you have no idea what to buy for dinner. Embrace it. People today love that they have access to the news the moment they happen. Or can google a recipe while at the store. People love to shop online. I personally have Costco ship a 40 lbs bag of dog food. I can do everything from the sofa. Uber eats can take care of my dinner, I don’t even have to pay at my own front door. It’s being taken care of. And I live at a location where nobody delivers (except Uber eats).

Embrace technology, your clients are online and on their phones. Make it easy for them to contact you, research you and follow you. After all, you are competing with the world wide web, not just your location. Therapists today can take on clients two continents away. Location is becoming irrelevant to many professions. We like our lives, in our pj’s, sitting on our sofa, shopping, talking, working and getting therapy. Just because you don’t like it, and remember different times, can severely limit your potentials.

Understand the power of visual content

Consumers don’t want to be constantly sold to. They don’t want every post from you to be about your product. It get’s boring fast. And why should they? They get bombarded with advertisements on every media they are on, including TV and radio. When you are exposed to the constant aggravation of marketing, you learn to tune it out. Instead, you want to become personal and engaging. Let your customers see you, either a photo or a video of you. Let them get to know you, talk to them like they are your friends. Ask them questions or advice. People love giving out advice! A post without visual content is just a blob on their screen. Black blur to scroll past. A poorly lit, amateur photo will also fit into the blur category. But what is more important, it shows your clients that you are sloppy, and you don’t care about your online image.

Personal branding photography is here for this reason. It helps entrepreneurs increase their social media presence with professional photos that are relevant to their social media posts or articles. Videos are another way to engage with your audience. Blow their minds with beautifully made video content that truly shows your knowledge and skills. And surprise them with a cinemagraph.

So there, I’ve given you 5 reasons why personal branding is important for entrepreneurs. I hope this article lights a fire in your soul to rise above and stay afloat of the marketing wave. If you are an author, keynote speaker, blogger, coach or any other entrepreneur. The world is out there, it is online and it is waiting for your story!

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