Lower costs by over 50% with VALDI Cloud, the ride sharing network for computers

3 min readDec 5, 2022


VALDI offers reliable cloud computing services at more than 50% cost savings over other common providers.

The VALDI Cloud consists of a distributed network of data centers comprising a wide array of high performance computers, including various cutting-edge NVIDIA GPUs. Taken together, VALDI is on its way to building the world’s largest and most powerful computer. It currently has over 12,000 GPUs committed to its fast growing network offering 10.5+ PFLOPS/s of cumulative computing power. The VALDI team has leveraged its expertise in AI, Machine Learning, and high-performance computing to build a distributed cloud network which is affordable, easy to use, and has no hidden fees or surprises.

Here are some of the many benefits of using VALDI Cloud:

  1. Unlimited compute for a fixed (yes, fixed!), low cost: VALDI understands that it is hard for companies to estimate usage. Plus, it’s always beneficial to have more compute power than less — but still not have to worry about fees and going over budget every time you use the cloud. VALDI has pioneered a Netflix-style plan in which you get unlimited compute time for a low, fixed monthly cost. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. https://valdi.ai/pricing
Unlimited machine learning starting at $25/mo on VALDI cloud

2. No jargon — just easy-to-understand subscription plans based upon the kind of computational work you want to perform. No lengthy, hard to understand invoices.

3. Quick onboarding: All it takes is an email to sign up. Choose a plan. Connect with Stripe and you are good to start computing.

4. Support for Docker: Anything you can containerize, you can run on VALDI. Package your task or application in a Docker container, submit it to the network, and VALDI handles the rest based on the tier plan you’ve subscribed to.

5. Industry standard privacy policies: VALDI’s partner data centers offer industry-standard privacy policies.

6. Smart Cloud management: The VALDI Cloud is structured like the Uber network. Several data centers participate and independently offer their computers and servers to VALDI’s customers. In the event that a computer on which a customer’s job is running fails, VALDI’s smart cloud management algorithm rapidly reassigns the task to a different device in the same (or higher) tier, resulting in minimal loss of time for the customer.

7. No hidden fees. No surprises: We’ve all experienced higher-than-expected bills from cloud providers. Sometimes we forget to turn off instances, or maybe we don’t realize how much storage or data transfer is really going to cost. No more. With VALDI, your plan has no hidden surprises. You pay for what you sign up for, upfront.

VALDI Cloud is currently serving customers in industries from dark energy research to generative AI and many more.

Email us at cloud@valdi.ai for a promo code to get a free trial. No credit card needed.