For earth day my team and I where in charge of music for the event. Even though earth day was in April 22nd, we performed in the Lunada which is an event of the school where seniors enjoy of one of the last events together and sleep in the school. Initially we planned a lot of things for this performance, which included an introduction video of the team, a video of a song lip sing by students, singing four songs each one from one member of the team, and lastly a live karaoke.

My team was conformed by Karla Vazquez, Daniel de la Garza, Arely López, José Andres Mendoza, Eduardo Saenz, Marifer de la Fuente and me. We were going to sing a song all together then each one will separate in two and sing a song of their choice, they were Disney themed songs and were related with earth day. We had everything all planned for the day of the performance, we just needed to rehearse and learn the song and we didn’t have enough time as spring break was coming and also final projects. Personally I was very exited for the performance and singing the song I chose which was “I see the light” from the Disney movie Tangled, but during spring break I got really sick, the first days my throat hurt so much that I couldn’t talk, then I had a blocked-up nose and I mi voice sound kind of funny even more when I tried to sing. I thought that with medicine I was going to be able to sing in the Lunada because there were a lot of days left, but being sick also implied I couldn’t rehearse if I wanted to take care of my throat and be better for the performance day. Although I was sick, I tried to rehearse during the spring break because I needed to see if my voice was compatible with the song and if I needed to do some arrangements so I could reach the notes.

The week of the performance and earth day all the team started having problems; Marifer and Eduardo were not sure if they were going to be able to go to the event and my voice was not ready for singing in the performance, it was all a mess. We all were very worried about what we were going to do, another problem was when in the last minute we were informed that there was not going to be a screen for showing our introduction video and the lip sing video, this changed all our plans of what were going to do with the time we were given. Lastly, we decided that Eduardo and Marifer where going to sing just a part of their song, Karlita was going to sing two songs alone and one with me so I wouldn´t be alone with my sick voice and there was going to be the live karaoke. The last inconvenient we had was that the instruments, microphones and all we needed for the live karaoke were taken away so we could do that. We were very tired and angry because nothing happened as we expected but at the end we were able to solve all the problems and even put our videos in the earth day activities the other teams made. I think it was a fun experience even though it was hard and challenging and there were many obstacles, but we all helped and did the necessary for the project to be completed.

Apart from my participation on the Lunada, I was able to participate in my classmates activities like leaving my black mark in the world to make conscience of all the damage I am doing to our world daily, also I planted two trees when I look for things in the internet, and I did my own gif with earth. I really liked that all the class was working together and with the same purpose, which was earth day, and make people conscious about all the damage we are causing without even noticing it. I think we all make our tasks responsibly thinking about being green and using digital ways in the process, the activity that I lived that I think was the most applied to living as a responsible green and digital citizen in the event was the part of looking for in the internet and when you have searched enough you plant a tree and that was just so beautiful and considerate of the person who created this because imagine just doing your homework like every day, using the internet to look for everything you need, and being able to plant trees in the world just for doing so. I really enjoyed every single activity of my classmates and hopefully that can create conscience in the other students to be more careful and love our world.

Lastly I think everything went out well, even though there were a lot of obstacles and arising problems every team was able to solve them and we were very responsible in our tasks, so everything could work out as well as it could. This was a great experience and hopefully next year in the campus more students can join and do more things about this topic that is very important as is the place we live in and we need to be responsible and take care of it, so future generations can enjoy of all what we have. We need to thank our world because we have treated him so bad and he stills give us all what we need to survive even if we are almost killing him, in this way we will live better and have a better and have a beautiful place to live.


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