A Different Way How To Become A Winner


One boarding house. One board game. One new way how to change the way you act in your life through the joy.

“Steven! Are you heading to Norway?” I asked the friend sitting opposite of me. He is my friend, but let´s call him enemy for now.
“Yes, I am.” he replied confidently.
“So…please don´t go there. If you try to take it, I attack you and you are gonna cry.” I am “sure” everybody loves this honesty. And everybody who played this game with me knows that I can be very dramatic.

“We can cooperate and go together for Germany.” I continued.

“Yes, that sounds good.” he said. “But I go for Norway anyways!” sounded the last announcement accompanied by his cheeky smile.

4 hours later

“I quit!” said Steven angrily, steeply stood up and starred at the boarding game in front of us.
Everybody was silent. Small colorful figures on the tableau, representing the countries (before WWI) and their armies were patiently waiting for the next orders.
I really fell in love with this game called Diplomacy.

“Steven, you can´t quit! You still have two armies, you should not give up so easily!” I desperately tried to encourage him. And of course, I wanted to win, but if he quit the whole game was done and 4 hours of our lives were lost for nothing. Well, training of strategic thinking in never lost time, but you know what I mean.

“Why should I continue?” He almost shouted. “There is no chance for me to win and everybody is attacking me! Everybody betrays me!” He said with the voice transformed into the scream and pointing with both hands to his poor, not very well defended England.

“Well, that´s life dude! You have to be a bigger player then! You still might be saved if you…”

I did not manage to finish the sentence. Steven interrupted me with his clear statement: “I am done.”

All kids involved in the game were starring at me. I was starring at Steven. The war was over, but nobody really won. Sounds pretty realistic, huh?

We packed up, the munchkins disappeared. Only Steven was still sitting there.

“Steven…I think you should change your strategy.” I said friendly.

“No, you should stop emerging your forces with Mr. Parker all the time!” (our colleague)

“Well…everybody wants to team up with Spiderman.” I said with smile.

“Yes. Sure. Why not.” (Steven´s the most typical response. If you ever meet him you are going to hear this for sure.)

“Maybe you should think why I am cooperating with him more.” I said. “What if you tried to be more flexible? I have a feeling as if…you are still dividing people just between “good” and “bad”. You can rethink your strategy in the middle of the game and work with somebody else. I have a feeling that you don´t work with actual situation. At the begining you decide what are you going to do and you stick with that no matter how bad things go or how situation changes…or you cooperate with players who helped you at the
 begining but now they are dragging you down..this it the war, no romantic relationship.”

“Not wondering that army was the second result in your carreer test.”


“Allright, allright…” said Steven and stayed silent for a while. It was very unusual for him.

“Maybe you are right. Maybe…I should do it differently next time.”

“Yep.” I said. “ But even though you lost more times, there is one good thing you are doing right. You know…you play the board games a lot. You excercise on the drill field. The way you play many times reflect the behaviour in your real life. Just observe yourself a bit more. And once when you win the game, try to analyse why you won. And you might start winning in some other ways as well.”

“Hmm..that sounds a bit unreal to me. But…I might give it a try next time.” he said in hesitation.

I smiled at him. Maybe it will not work for him but it worked for me. Maybe you know many amazing board players with lousy lifes, but maybe it might work for you - by mastering many skills in direct way and always with different people.

So…why not to give it a try?

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